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If you work in delivery companies like Uber, Ola, Jomato or have a bike and mobile phone yourself, then will be able to earn by delivering your own product in your city.

ASOPrime is a marketplace where you can earn by selling your own products in cash on delivery in your city.

Questions and Answers
Q. What is ASOPrime?
A. It is an online marketplace available to the buyer and seller of a city.

Q. Why is it named ASOPrime?
A. Here ASO means All Shop Online and Prime means fully responsible vendors.

Q. Will ASOPrime offer any product to sellers?
A. No, we do not have any products, only the products will be delivered here.

Q. Does ASOPrime take any commission?
A. No, we do not take any commission from your cell.

Q. Can it sell products online across India?
A. No, you can only sell products in your city.

Q. Can you sell your products even outside the city?
A. If you can deliver the order in 24 hours to the customer then yes.

Q. I am a shopkeeper, I have a product. There is also knowledge of internet but cannot deliver?
A. You can get your product delivered to someone you know.

Q. I have a bike and mobile. I also have knowledge of internet but no product?
A. You can resell the products of any familiar shopper from your online store. Cut off your share and give the rest to the shopkeeper.

Q. Will ASOPrime send me payment?
A. No, all the products here are on cash on delivery, so we will not send you any payment, rather you will take direct payment from the customer.

Q. Which products can be sold?
A. All products found online can be sold. Such as clothes, shoes, gifts, watches, electronics, furniture items, televisions, freezes etc.

Q. How to deliver heavy items like TV, fridge, furniture.
A. Talk to the customer as soon as the order is received and ask him to come to your store / shop to see his product or be sent directly to home.

Q. Do I have to share my products on social media?
A. Not required but if you share a link to ASOPrime's website, mobile app or your store, orders will be more.

How can I sell my product on ASOPrime?
Step 01. First create a Vendor account on
Step 02. Now login and complete your store profile
Step 03. Now click on Add New Product in the Products section and upload the Product Name, Detail Price and Photo.
Step 04. Your product will be live in maximum 24 hours.

Note: This platform is available for all district headquarters cities in India.

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